ECW Challenge

Last night after the SEEMS AGM Alan confirmed that he is aiming to paint up a few ECW figures.

I have nearly agreed to aim to get 50 or so done by December with the intention of a game and as Alan is aiming for Royalist it leaves me the Parliamentarians.

My Parliamentarians will be red coats based on the NMA or possibly orange coats for the foot.

My initial target (in line with the lion rampant rules) will be:-

1st Unit Pike and command         12 figs
1st  Units Shot                              12 figs
2nd Units Shot                             12 figs
1st Unit Cavalry                             6 figs
2nd Units Cavalry                          6 figs

So 48 Figures target in 8 months – 6 figures/month. Should be achievable even if I get distracted.

And as extra
1st  Units skirmishers/dismounted dragoons        12 figs
1st Unit Mounted dragoons                                    6 figs
2nd Units Mounted dragoon                                   6 figs

Figures to be based on 2p washers.

Horse on 25mm x 50mm bases.

This weekend I will aim to base and undercoat and will aim to update the blog monthly as to my progress.


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